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Welcome to the Online Casino Golden Palace Roulette section. Here you may become familiar with the game, learn the rules of play, and even pick up some intelligent strategy to use during your stay at the online casino table. Roulette is not a difficult game, but can be a bit intimidating for novice players, and should certainly be reviewed before being wagered on. To get you started we have some simple instructions for you online casino playing:

  • How to play roulette
  • Roulette rules and bets
  • The roulette wheel: a closer look
  • Roulette Frequently Asked Questions

Roulette is recognized worldwide as a symbol of gambling, regardless of the fact that it has never gained substantial popularity in North America. The reason for this lies in the fact that the American public was presented with a slightly different game than the Europeans, including an extra zero on the wheel. This additional zero raised the edge of the house so much that interest in the game never took off. In Europe and other parts of the world, classic single zero roulette has remained one of the most popular games available, and that is the game that we recommend for you to play at our online casino!

With the advent of online casino gambling, roulette was initially introduced as the North American double-zero game. Proprietors soon realized though that with competition online, locality was no longer an issue, and players could simply search until they found a single-zero roulette wheel. Fortunately this search is now a short one, with Online Casino Golden Palace offering a high quality single-zero roulette game for both free and real money play.

If you've ever been interested in Roulette but weren't sure how to go about playing, we can give you a fair, reliable roulette game, with the additional bonus of easy-to-understand rules and strategies. Browse through our online articles discussing the game, and you will soon be set to spin. Topics range from the house edge to the pros and cons of playing online casino roulette, all in an effort to ensure our players are well informed and playing smart.
Featured Roulette Articles

Featured Roulette Articles

Free roulette: Value for the gambler Finding value in the world of casino gambling can often be a challenge. Tangential value is abundant at casinos (free rooms in Vegas, food, and complimentary beverages) but few actually affect your luck at the tables.

Roulette sites: an online information gold mine The task of learning and mastering the game of roulette has changed in nature over the past 5 to 10 years. With the advent of the Internet at our fingertips, we've not only found a new way to play, but a new way to learn.

Roulette strategies: playing smart Roulette is often noted as being one of the easier games to play in the casino. Unfortunately, with that label comes a host of players who think it means they don't need to pay attention at the table! This isn't exactly true, and those players are not employing the best of roulette strategies.

Roulette software: High quality free roulette software Online Casino Golden Palace is pleased to present the latest version of its real-money free play roulette software. This package allows you to practice roulette as long as you wish, on software that has exactly the same odds as our real money version.

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