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Dating back to fifteenth century France, Baccarat or ‘Punto Banco’ is the oldest game to feature in the modern casino. It is traditionally played for very high odds and involves a single deck of cards. An individual bets on whether the Banker or Player’s hand will have a total nearest to a value of 9. The game allows you to wager three different types of bet (see below).


Baccarat is straightforward game with all decision-making occurring prior to the placing of the bet. Below are three different types of bet together with their respective pay-offs:

  1. Player’s hand: Pays even money.
  2. Banker’s hand: Pays even money but includes a deduction of about 5% for house commission.
  3. Tie: Pays 8 to 1.
A win belongs to the hand with two or three cards whose total value is nearest to nine.

Card valuation is as follows:
  • All tens and face cards: 0.
  • Aces: 1.
  • Cards 2-9: Face value.
A traditional game of Baccarat will rotate the deal among the players with the dealer acting as the Banker. The dealer is not required to bet on the Banker’s hand. Once all bets have been wagered, the Banker and Player are dealt two cards each. If a tie is declared at any point, the round ends and Tie bets are paid. If the hand instantly totals 9 (also called a ‘Natural’) this constitutes an instant win. If neither hand totals 9, the hand worth 8 is a Natural winner. Note that Natural hands will either win automatically or produce a Tie. A hand totalling 9 will always defeat that worth 8.

Additional Cards

Should neither hand be valued at 8 or 9 and no Tie declared, then further cards may be drawn. Once the Player’s hand has been dealt, the Banker may draw additional cards under certain conditions (see table below).

The following is an example of how the cards should be dealt:

Player Hand Tutorial
Player havingAction
8-9Natural (Banker Cannot Draw)

Banker Hand Tutorial
Banker having following 2 card hand valueDraws when given the following 3rd card valueDoes not draw when given the following 3rd card value
8-9Natural (Player cannot draw) 

How to play Baccarat Online

Select the value of chip you desire with a single click. Move the mouse to the centre of the screen and click on any area of the table to select the type of bet (i.e. Player, Banker, Tie). You can increase the number of chips you wish to wager by clicking on that area (one click per chip). If you want to add a different amount, simply click on a different chip. Chips can be deducted with a right click on the area. Note that multiple chips can be placed in multiple areas simultaneously. Then click DEAL.

Cards will be dealt and the game result will be displayed on the screen. If you want to play again, click NEW GAME. Select your chosen bet (as outlined above) and hit DEAL. If you want to repeat the bet placed in the previous round, select REBET.


DEALDeals out cards to Banker and Player.
REBETRepeats the bet wagered in the previous round and deals the cards.
SKIP TURNSkips your turn (relevant to multiplayer mode only).
NEW GAMEOpens a new round so that you can play again.

Did you Know?

10 great facts about the game:

  1. Baccarat was first conceived in Medieval Italy by the gambler, Felix Falguiere.
  2. 1.06% is the house edge on a 6 or 8 deck shoe and is therefore a good value bet.
  3. Over 70% of visiting Vegas high rollers are from Asia and are largely comprised of bankers or industrialists.
  4. Baccarat is the preferred game of Vegas high rollers with limits hitting an amazing $100,000 per hand.
  5. When Baccarat was first played in Vegas at the Sands Casino, Baccarat lost the house a sum of $250,000.
  6. Baccarat means ‘nothing’ and refers to hands with a total point value of 0.
  7. The soap opera, ‘Days of Our Lives’, featured Hope as an accomplished Baccarat player.
  8. The Crown Casino in Melbourne lost $55,000,000 to high-rollers from October-November 1997.
  9. The single highest returning game for online casinos was multi-player Baccarat with a statistic of 98.5%.
  10. The swanky Palm Beach Resort and the Saratoga racetrack hosted the first games of Baccarat in the USA in 1911.

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