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If you're looking to boost your play of any of our most popular games, then this is the page for you. Here we feature tips and tricks to playing each of the games in a brief and simple format, so that you can go and apply them quickly and start winning!


One of the most popular strategies for playing Blackjack is card counting, because knowing what's been removed from the deck can help you determine what can still be drawn, and thus know how strong your hand is. Card counting does not generally require that you remember each and every one of the cards drawn so far, but is based on a points system whereby you learn to assign different points to different cards and play according to the final value of all the points together. Even the most basic card counting strategies are effective and can be learnt in minutes!


Roulette is a game of chance, making it arguable whether or not using a betting system can actually help. Nevertheless, some players swear by them, and there are several popular kinds to choose. The most commonly used is the Martingale System, which requires you to double your bet after you've lost. This way, if you win, not only do you win back your losses thus far but also make a profit. There is also the Andrucci System, whereby players should bet on the numbers that have appeared more than they should according to stats over the last thirty spins.


In Baccarat, since you can never be sure of the outcome, technically all bets are equally promising. Yet if you look at the statistics involved, you'll see that some bets are more probable than others, and this is why most people often bet the same. For example, betting on the Banker is highly popular due to its high odds. This is opposed to the Tie, which very rarely actually pays out. Most players are only drawn to it because of its high payout (8:1), yet this will more often than not be a losing bet, and it's therefore not recommended.


There are very few applicable strategies to the game of Craps because of the fact that all outcomes are based on the simple throw of a dice. Some strategies are thus based on how to actually throw the dice, with the idea behind them that by throwing the dice on a certain angle or holding them prior in a certain way, their axis can be changed to land on certain numbers. However many forget that the dice are required to hit the table's back wall before landing - specifically to disrupt such influences - so their validity is somewhat questionable.

Classic Slots:

Winning at Slots is not about strategy, but about choosing the right game to play. It starts with the "Return to Player" or "Theoretical Payout Percentage" established by the state/country you're playing in. This relates to the minimum payout allowed on the game. This will also be influenced by the slots operator, which determines how much of the game's payouts will be awarded to it (the "house) in return. The idea is to choose an operator with a relatively low house edge, so that when you win, you win more. Most slot games generally pay out 82-98% of their winnings.

Video Slots:

Like slot machines, video slots are entirely based on luck, and therefore no proven strategy can be advised, even by the more successful players. This is reinforced by the fact that the machines themselves are powered by Random Number Generators (RNG's) which ensure that the outcomes are random and that there is no memory whatsoever of previous results. The only way you can really be prepared for a game like video slots is by being aware of the payout percentages and probabilities of the specific game you are playing, which will better help you calculate your moves and decisions.

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