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Progressive slots offer jackpots that grow as more money is played through the machine. The progressive may be part of a network of machines all offering the same jackpot, and all contributing a portion of their play-through to that total.

Until a lucky player hits the jackpot, progressive slots grow larger and larger, either topping out at a predefined level set by the casino, or being won in a single spin and getting reset. The jackpot grows in proportion to how much play the machine or network of machines get. After a major win, the jackpot value is reset to a base figure and it starts growing again. All of the lavish and extravagant prizes one sees on the casino floor are made possible by the progressive jackpot concept.

Here are some important things you need to know before playing progressive slots.

Keep in mind that, if you are a progressive slots fan, all progressive machines require that you bet the maximum number of coins to be eligible for the big jackpot. If you play these machines, you've chosen to forego more frequent small profits for a shot at a big payout, and that payout will only go to players placing the maximum bet.

To maximize your potential revenue, browse through the slots to find similar machines. Some stand-alone progressive slots may be the same except for the current jackpot total. Always choose the machine with the highest accumulated jackpot among similar machines. Chances are they were reset to the same base level, and the one with the higher jackpot has been running longer since being won.
Top Casinos
Casino RoomBonus
  Eurogrand €1,000 $200
  21Nova 320%
  Las Vegas $400
  William Hill €300
  Europa Casino €2400
  Swiss Casino $400
  Tropez 3000$
  Winner Casino €1,000 €320
  Prestige €1500
  LuckyAce $200
  SkyKings €500

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