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The outside bets on a roulette table are the bets that reside 'outside' of the main playing area of 37 numbers.

There are no winning outside bets for 0 results.

Let's have a look at the different types of outside bets you can play while at Online Casino Golden Palace.

Red or Black - you can choose to bet on the outcome either being a red number, or a black number.

Place this bet right in the diamond shaped areas on the front of the board, filled in with a red or black color.

This is a very common roulette bet, as it is easy to understand that you have almost half a chance of winning.

Odds or Evens - similar to the red/black bet, this even money bet is based on whether the number will be…you guessed it, odd or even. Since 0 does not count as either, there are 36 numbers, an even count between odd and even.

Place this bet by putting your chips in the middle of the square marked 'even' or the square marked 'odd', which reside on either side of the black/red betting area.

Low or high - Roulette rules allow ranges of numbers to be bet on. The low/high bet lets you predict whether you think the next number to come up will be part of the range from 1 to 18, or part of the range from 19 to 36.

This is an even money bet.

Columns - at one end of the set of 37 numbers are boxes with the words '2 to 1' written in them. Each box is part of a column of numbers if you extend a line up the body of the inside of the betting area. If a number from within the column you are betting on comes up you win, and are paid 2 to 1. Although not grouped with the others, this is still considered an outside bet.

Dozens - a bet very similar to the columns bet, dozens lets you place a bet on either the first dozen numbers (1-12), the second dozen (13-24), or the third dozen (25-36). To place this bet find the rectangular areas located in between the outside bets and the inside board spread. These will usually be labeled with the words 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. The bet pays 2 to 1.


The inside bets for online casino roulette at Online Casino Golden Palace are made up of specific numbers or combinations of numbers within the number layout, or along the border of it.

Here are the inside bets which can be played at an online casino like Online Casino Golden Palace.

Straight-up bet - this is the simplest roulette bet. Choosing any one of the 37 numbers and putting your chips down on that number will give you a chance to win back at 35 to 1.

Split bet - Roulette rules allow you to place a single bet on two different numbers if those numbers are beside each other on the table layout. To do so put your chips down on the line between them. This bet pays 17 to 1 if either number comes up.

Corner bet - Roulette rules also allow for other combinations. Another combination wager, the corner bet, lets you bet on four adjoining numbers.

Placing your chips at the point where four numbers meet will indicate you want a corner bet. If any of the four numbers come up, you're paid 8 to 1.

Square bet - To make this bet place your chips at the intersection of 0 and 3 on the corner. You can win if any of 0, 1, 2, or 3 are hit. You are paid 8 to 1.

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