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The roulette wheel is a marvel of engineering and logic, and has been of great interest to gamblers for a number of years.

Behind its simple design lies a complex arrangement of numbers and characteristics, placed in just the right way to ensure the random element of the game.

The roulette wheel is basically a large bowl with slanted walls falling to separate compartments, which are just large enough to hold the marble once it comes to rest.

These compartments, or pockets, are colored alternately red and black, with the zero-pocket colored green. While the number arrangement around the roulette wheel is the main predictor of randomness in Las Vegas, playing online casino roulette is a little different.

Where the ball lands in an online casino roulette wheel, such as one can see when they play the game at Online Casino Golden Palace, is wholly dependent upon a software mechanism called a Random Number Generator (RNG). An online casino's RNG is quite similar to an RNG chip found inside a slot machine.

Many basic questions regarding roulette revolve around the differences between an American roulette wheel, and a European roulette wheel. The only difference worthy of note is the fact that an American wheel has two zero pockets, one marked 0 and one marked 00. This difference represents a significant difference in the house edge between the two types of wheels.

On a European roulette wheel the house edge is approx. 2.70% - much lower than the American wheel at 5.26%.

Take a wild guess at which wheel is the most popular at online casinos, or at land-based casinos.

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