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The aim of the game is to line up the symbols displayed on the spinning reels. A payout is won if three of the same symbols appear. Each symbol is worth a specific amount of money (as shown on the machine). The point of the game is to try to manage your money as effectively as possible to ensure that you remain in the game as long as you can.

How to play Classic Slots

3-Reel Slots with a Bonus Game

Above is an example of a classic slot game known as Alchemist’s Lab. The player simply spins the reels in an attempt to line up a winning combination of symbols.

How to Play:

  • The upper right corner of the screen shot shows the number of coins you are allowed to wager.
  • Select the number of coins you wish to bet by clicking BET ONE, BET TWO or BET MAX.
  • If three matching symbols stop along the payline, you win.
  • The respective payouts of each bet are shown on the top panel of the machine.

Bonus Game:

If you manage to line up three symbols on a Bonus Slot Machine, you will gain access to a bonus game. You will then be required to click on three symbols appearing on the screen. You win a sum according to your choice of symbols.


BET ONE: Wagers one coin and spins the reels.

BET TWO: Wagers two coins and spins the reels.

BET MAX: Wagers three coins and spins the reels.


  • The line bet and the total bet are not the same thing! The line bet represents the amount wagered on a single payline. The total bet represents the amount you are spending in the current game round.
  • Payouts (see the paytable) are multiplied by the coin size and NOT the line bet.
  • If you win on more than one payline, your payouts for each payline will be totalled up.


The above screen-shot shows ‘Crazy Seven’ – one of the site’s most popular classic slot games. This game has a single payline with the payouts listed on the paytable. If, for instance, a player wagers 3 coins (the maximum amount) and hits 3 green sevens, they receive a payout of $/£/€100. If, on the other hand, they wager a single coin and hit three red sevens, they receive $/£/€100. Notice that the payout for every combination of sevens of any colour is $/£/€ 5, 10 or 15 depending on the number of coins wagered. So simple, yet so much fun!

Did you Know?

The Curious History of the Slot Machine:

The history of the slot machine is worthy of Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’. Also known as the ‘one-armed bandit’, the machine has its origins at the end of the 19th century when it was invented by Charles Fey in 1887. The youngest of 16 children, Fey was born in Germany in 1862. He was fascinated by mechanical devices and quickly moved to the United States where he would eventually find employment with the California Electric Works Company based in San Francisco.

By 1885, Fey was using his hard earned leisure time to work on a coin-operated game machine. Other such coin-operated machines were already in usage but none were giving out cash prizes. Despite the onset of tuberculosis in 1887 (then, a virtual death sentence) Fey worked tirelessly to complete his masterpiece, finishing the work in the very same year. The Liberty Bell Slot Machine was born!

The earliest machines were, of course, quite different from today’s more sophisticated models but the essential principles were already in place. A player would receive a payout when a winning combination of symbols appeared on the reels. Similarly, Fey’s prototype used a lever or arm to commence the game and contained three reels with ten different picture symbols. Today’s familiar hearts, bells and spades even featured on Fey’s original design. The Liberty Bell Slot Machine, for instance, produced a payout when the reels displayed three bells. The machine soon gave rise to other spin-off models including the Operator Bell Machine with double the symbols per reel. Likewise, the Fruit Machine appeared, this time using different fruits as symbols.

Remarkably, Charles Fey would go on to beat the odds and live a long and fruitful life. His machine would also achieve immortality and become a staple feature of modern-day casinos throughout the globe. The machine continues to fascinate and excite as new models with ever more symbols, reels and paylines appear year on year. So the next time you face the slot machine, spare a thought for Charles Fey and see if you, too, can beat the odds!

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