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Like so many games at an online casino, slots is a game with its own terms, and players are better off being familiar with them.

On this page we will cover common slots terminology and what each term means.

Reels: The number of wheels/reels showing on slot with symbol combinations imprinted. In a classic machine there are usually three, but some slots have five.

Slot Schedule: Also referred to as the “slot payout schedule”, this is information posted on front of an online casino slot machine and tells you what denomination and win amounts are possible for the slot machine. You should always be aware of this for the slot machine you're playing.

Slot Cycle: Slots average payoff percentage rate which applies over the long haul; as long as one fiscal year. Therefore, over the course of a session, a slot machine advertised as having a 98% payoff rate will sometimes pay off at 130%, and other times at 50%. The lower percentages indicate a down cycle, and the higher numbers indicate an up cycle. In reality there is no consistency to a cycle, as the jackpot can theoretically always be won on the next spin when playing slots.

Slots Drop and Hold: The slots drop is the amount of money played through the machine. The slots hold is the amount of money the machine retains (that which is not paid out as winnings). A slot machine payout percentage is calculated by dividing the hold number by the drop number and multiplying by 100%. For example: a machine which takes in $100 and pays out $50 can have its payout percentage calculated as such: 50 / 100 x 100% = 50%.

Slot Testing: The act of playing through a set number of coins without using accumulated credits, and keeping track of the drop and hold, in order to determine your session payout percentage for a selected slot.

Short Win: Large jackpot win after a small cash outlay - happens often.

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