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Fierman, a business man from Durham, North Carolina, has recently challenged a previous ruling by the court regarding the game of poker. Fierman attempts to prove that winning a game of poker involves much skill, as it is a game were expert players will win an average player. The online casino industry, offering a varied version of poker games, is still not licensed in the US, although many Americans enjoy it. Poker enjoys great popularity which is growing even bigger with the expansion of online casino.

Online casino websites offer players a live version of the game consisting of a dealer and other online casino poker players joining the game from anywhere in the world. Fierman hopes to offer even livelier options planning to open a Poker room in the city if the appeal goes in his favor. The Skill vs. Chance debate in poker started earlier this year with the Dorham district attorney opposing the opening of a local poker parlor focusing on the fact that placing bets in a game is illegal in state law. It's no wonder that the issue keeps coming up in the states since Poker is enjoying an incredible amount of popularity with one to five Americans playing the game. Poker is even the third most watched sports on Cable TV, more popular than even baseball.

The popularity of poker was even more apparent by the growing number of entrants in the main event of the poker world series ballooning from only hundreds to nine thousand entrants! The old school poker players, used to the aggressive no emotion style of the game were soon to be joined with players more acquainted with poker through online casino. No doubt online casino has its part in the growing popularity of the game, and it seems that even legislation cannot stop the growing trend.

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