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Video Poker Game at Online Casino Golden Palace

Online Casino Golden Palace is happy to provide this page for you with information about our video poker game, available in our Online Casino Golden Palace Games Suite. It is a simple process to download and install our popular casino games on your home computer. Almost all of the games are available to be played for free for an unlimited amount of time, and setting up a secure account so you can play with real money is also a very simple matter. When you are ready (and only when you’re ready), you can make the switch from free play to real money mode and take a shot at the big time. Our Online Casino Golden Palace video poker game is only one of many great casino games that is available for you to play at home, so read on, and discover lots of information about this fast-paced and exciting online casino game.

The video poker game that is available in our Online Casino Golden Palace games suite comes with many options for variations you can try your hand at from the comfort of your own home. There is the well known “Jacks or Better” variation, and many others that add to the excitement of our video poker game. If you are a beginner and want to start off slow, “Jacks or Better” and “10’s or Better” are two of the games that are the easiest to learn. The rules for each video poker game are basically the same. First you decide how much you would like to bet, and then you press the “Deal” button. If you are playing a single-line video poker game, you will be dealt one five-card hand, from which you may choose which, if any cards to “hold”. If your hand has any cards matching the criteria for a winning combination, they will automatically be held for you. This means that those particular cards won’t be replaced when you press the deal button again. A winning combination will be slightly different depending on which video poker game you are playing. In “Jacks or Better”, you would need at least a pair of Jacks in your hand in order to win. If your initial hand includes just one Jack, you may wish to “hold” it, hoping that another Jack will be dealt to you. Or you can simply wait until a hand with at least a pair of Jacks is dealt, and let the video poker machine take care of putting the cards on hold for you. If you decide not to hold any cards (and your hand doesn’t have a winning combination in it already), pressing the deal button will simply deal you a fresh hand.

The above rules apply for every video poker game included in our Online Casino Golden Palace games suite. All you have to remember is to adjust the rules to the particular variation you are playing. If you are playing “10’s or Better”, you need at least a pair of 10’s for a winning combination. If you are playing “Deuces Wild”, 2’s are considered to be wild cards, so that is added into the mix, and the lowest winning combination is now 3 of a kind. The next step is moving to a multi-line video poker game. The same rules as the single-line game apply to the multi-line version; you now just have more hands to win with. On a 4-line game, for example, you are dealt one initial hand, and you may decide to hold one or more cards (or you already have a winning combination), as in the single-line version, but the held cards will be duplicated in each of the other hands as well. If you are initially dealt a pair of Jacks, these cards will be held, and each of the other hands will get the pair of Jacks as well, so that when you press the deal button again, your initial hand will be re-dealt, leaving the pair intact, and the other hands will also be dealt, giving you multiple chances to win. The most extreme multi-line video poker game available is the “25-line Aces & Faces”. As you can imagine, you’ll have 25 hands to win with. It can get pretty exciting and noisy when your initial hand is dealt a winning combination and you press “Deal” again. Each of the 25 hands will be a winner, and the deal happens pretty quickly, so the excitement level for this game is right up there!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Online Casino Golden Palace page of information on some of the rules associated with video poker, and some of the differences in the games available in our Online Casino Golden Palace Games Suite. Please continue to have fun playing.

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