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Online Casino Golden Palace welcomes you to our page on red dog rules. As you may already know, this game has little to do with the traditional game of poker. Red dog poker has more in common with Baccarat and Pai gow poker than regular poker. If you really want to find out about red dog rules, and how the game is played, it’s as easy as clicking on the download button on this page, and you’re away to the races. Once you’ve started the process of installing our Online Casino Golden Palace Games Suite on your computer, you’ll only be minutes away from enjoying some red dog poker right in your own home. And the best way to become a master at this game is to play along as you read through this page and the others we’ve provided for you here at Online Casino Golden Palace.

The first thing that we should say about red dog rules is that, as we’ve already told you, it doesn’t have much in common with traditional poker at all. First of all, the suits of the cards have no meaning in this game; they have no effect on the outcome of a hand. Secondly, the cards actually have number values instead of ranks, but this doesn’t make one card more valuable than another. The cards are all valued at face value except for the following: 2-10 are valued as expected, but Jacks equal 11, Queens equal 12, Kings equal 13, and Aces equal 14. If you’ve been following along alright so far, then the next paragraph on red dog rules will give you basically all you need to know about how to play this game at Online Casino Golden Palace.

When a red dog hand begins, each player makes his or her bet, and then two cards are placed face-up on the table. The point values of the two cards are used to determine what is called the “spread”. This is just as you might imagine; the spread is the number of cards that would “fit” between the two cards that were dealt. For example, if a 5 and a Q are dealt, the spread is said to be 6, because a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and J could “fit” between the 5 and the Q. The object of the game is to bet on whether the next card that is dealt will be among the cards that fit into the spread, regardless of suit. If you want to, at this time, you may “Raise” your bet (double it), or “Call” (leave your original bet on the table), and there is no opportunity to remove your bet once it has been placed. In this way, it is much more similar to baccarat or pai gow poker because the play is against the banker, not other players, and there is just one deal (as in pai gow poker), or just the three cards each (as in baccarat). One big difference with red dog rules is that the player and the dealer don't each have their own hand; only the two initial cards are laid on the table, and then the third, to determine a win or loss. Red dog rules also state that with the one hand dealt, anyone at the table may bet on the outcome.

There are a few circumstances where the deal is a bit different than described above, so it is probably best to describe a typical deal and the process by which the game is played as follows:

  • Each player places their bet on the table.
  • Two cards are dealt face-up.
  • If the two cards are consecutive (for instance, a 4 and a 5) then the hand is a push because there is no spread, and your bet is returned to you.
  • If the cards are not consecutive, you determine the spread and either raise or call. Raising means to double your bet and calling means to leave your bet as is. There is no option to take your bet back after seeing the two cards.
  • If the two cards are the same value (for instance, two 7’s), a third card is dealt. If the third card is equal to first two you automatically win 11 to 1 odds. If the third card is different, the hand is again a push, and your bet is returned to you.
  • If neither of the above circumstances occurs, the third card is dealt. If the card is within the spread (a card that fits between the first two) you win and your payout will be calculated from the payout table, based on the spread of the hand. You lose if the card matches one of the first two cards or is outside the spread.

This is the standard way that a red dog poker hand would be played. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about red dog rules, with the only option available to you being how much to bet. You will be able to learn more about the various payouts for the different spreads, and how to bet strategically, on our Online Casino Golden Palace red dog strategy page. And please feel free to browse the articles we’ve collected for you, as they’re written from the point of view of the player, and contain many insights into red dog rules, and many other aspects of this fun casino card game.

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