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Online Poker Tournaments are events at which Poker enthusiasts the world over come together online to complete in scheduled online Poker games known as MTT’s (Multi Table tournaments), Sit N’ Go’s (short for Single Table Tournaments), GP’s (Guaranteed Prize Tournaments), Freezeouts and Freerolls.

Confusing? Well it needn’t be. GP have assembled all the information on where you can up the ante and take your Poker game to the next level. With only the most respected online Poker rooms featured, our selection is sure to keep you satisfied.

Top Poker Rooms for Playing Poker Tournaments:

Poker Room Max Bouns  Match Bouns  Ranking  Download
  William Hill Poker  $600  100%  
  Winner Poker  $500  100%  
  Mansion Poker  $500  100%  
  Titan Poker  $200  50%  
  888 Poker  $400  100%  
  Cool Hand Poker  $350  100%  
  Noble Poker  $500  100%  
  Lucky Ace Poker  $400  100%  
  BetWay Poker  $400  100%  
  BetFair Poker  $400  100%  

What is a Poker Tournament?

A poker tournament is a poker competition where entrants pay a set buy-in to enter. For their buy-in, they receive a set amount of chips. Unless the tournament is designated as a ‘re-buy’ tournament, when a player loses all of their chips, they are eliminated from the tournament. The tournament will have a prize pool which is normally determined by the number of players registered and the accumulative buy-ins. This prize pool is portioned out to the players according to what place they finish (or are eliminated) in the tournament. Tournaments having the largest prize pools usually also have the highest buy-ins.

What are the different formats and varieties of tournaments?

Most poker tournaments have two formats of tournaments: Multi-Table tournaments (MTT) and Single-Table tournaments better know as Sit n Gos. The main difference between the two formats are that Multi-Table tournaments are tournaments having several tables and a set start time, whereas in Sit n Gos usually only have one table, and the game starts whenever the table fills up.

Within this format, you will be able to find a huge variety of different kinds of tournaments, such as Satellites, Guaranteed Prize, Freerolls, Freezeouts and Turbo to mention just a few.

What does an entry fee mean and why do I have to pay it?

A poker site makes money from tournaments by charging a tournament entry fee which is separate from the buy-in. This is the administrative fee the poker site charges to cover the cost of hosting the tournament. For example if the tournament has a $5 + $0.50 buy-in, five dollars is the buy-in which goes to the prize pool and fifty-cents is the tournament fee which goes to the poker room.

How many players can enter a tournament?

That depends on the tournament. Most tournaments have a maximum amount of players who can register. This number can be as low as 9 for a Sit’n Go, up to 30,000 for a big Multi-Table guaranteed event, or even higher. When registering for a tournament, the maximum number of entrants will be listed in the details.

Are all tournaments No-Limit Texas Hold’em?

Most big tournaments are No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Several tournaments are usually offered in both limit and no-limit stakes and all poker rooms that host poker tournaments host them in the same variety of games as they offer in cash games. However, most of these varieties are not guaranteed big events, but regularly scheduled tournaments. Check the tournament schedule and you will find a multitude of game choices, from Stud and Omaha to mixed games.

What happens if I lose all my chips?

When a player loses all of their chips they are eliminated or ‘Bust Out’ of the tournament. When playing online, players who bust out are automatically removed from the tournament table but are still able to watch the game if they choose.

Why am I always moved to different tables in a tournament?

As players are eliminated, the tournaments need to keep all remaining tables as balanced and even as possible. The way to accomplish this is to move players to other tables, keeping the same number of players at each table.

How is money distributed?

Prize pools are distributed according to the standard pay-out structure of the poker site hosting the tournament. Generally, however, the more players that are signed up for a tournament, the more positions will be paid. There are also tournaments where the winner-takes-all; where the last player remaining would win all of the prize pool. Before signing up for a tournament, always check the details of the tournament, available in the tournament lobby, for prize pool amounts and pay out structures.