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You'll quickly notice the large area of the craps board labeled with 'COME' written in the middle of the playing area when you enter our online casino. If you know all there is to know about the Pass line bet, then you won't have any trouble getting your head around the simple 'COME' bet. The easiest way to understand the COME bet is to think of it as being exactly the same as the Pass line bet, but it can be made after the point is set at the online casino. There is no such thing as a come bet on the come out roll, because it would be exactly the same as a Pass line bet.

For example, if a player were to make a come bet after the point had been set to 5, they would place the bet in the come section and wait for the next roll. If a 7 or 11 is hit the come bet wins; if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled it's a loss. If any other number is rolled, it becomes the ''come point'. The come point is for the individual bet only, and is independent of the point for the shooter's round. If the 'come point' is rolled before a 7, it wins. Say a 9 is rolled to set the come point. At that time the come bet moves to the 9 on the table. If a 9 is rolled before a 7 the come bet wins; if a 7 is rolled before a 9 the come bet loses. Also remember that on come bets you also have the ability to place "odds" bets just like pass line bets after your 'come-point' is established. To place odds on your come bet in Online Casino Golden Palace software, choose your denomination and click on the come bet after it has been moved to its point position.

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