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As you probably know an online casino craps table is packed with many different bets that you can make. Below, we have provided an explanation for each bet that you can make while playing craps at the online casino.

If you've read our introduction to the game of craps, which is available on our online casino site, you're already familiar with how a session progresses, and how to place a pass line bet. This is an excellent start. All you need to learn now are the other bets and when you can place them. When and where you can place bets comprises not only a guide, but also a good summary of craps rules, so you can play smart at the online casino. Let's have a look at the specific parts of the table where you place your bets. In a land-based casino the craps table is twice as long as it needs to be, with each end being a copy of the other in order to accommodate more people around the table. Online casino craps of course is slightly different, as you are only presented with one end of the board, simply because it's all you need.

The pass line is a long wide strip of felt that runs along the outer edge of the craps table. From here players can place chips for a pass line bet. The online casino pass line bet page also covers issues of playing with odds.

Just above the pass line is a thinner band of felt (broken at the corner by the big 6 / big 8 area). This is where you place your don't pass bets (essentially the opposite of a pass line bet) on the online casino table.

The big 6 and big 8 bets reside in a small area above the corner of the pass line and in between the two sides of the don't pass bar. This online casino bet, as you will read, is similar to a place bet with regards to craps rules, but with overall poorer results for the player.

Playing the field is a common and popular bet at the online casino. To place this bet find the box with the word 'field' on it, along with a large set of numbers. Placing a field bet means you're betting that the next roll will be a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. Field bets, like many craps rules, apply to the 'next roll' of a bet only, while others will remain in effect for the duration of a session.

The come bet area takes up a sizable portion of the center of the online casino craps table. The come bet is essentially the same as the pass line bet, but can be made after a come-out roll has already established a point.

The opposite of the come bet is the don't come bet, in the same way that the opposite of the pass line bet is the don't pass bet.

Another favorite of online casino players is the place bet, which is located along the inside edge of the table. Placing the 6 and 8 offers one of the best bets on the table.

Buy and Lay bets are placed in a similar manner to the place bet, but offer different odds. Learn more about the buy bet and the lay bet by reading about them at Online Casino Golden Palace.

The hardway bets sit in the very middle of the craps table, making you think they have a set of complicated rules attached to them. However, they are far from complicated but still should be approached with caution and bet on sparingly at the online casino.

In the center of the online casino craps table are a number of alternate proposition bets including things like 'any seven', 'yo eleven', 'horn bet', and 'any craps'. All of these bets, while they are explained fully on their own page, are not generally considered particularly sound bets from a house edge perspective, so read about them to make up your own mind.

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