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Red dog strategy is one of the easiest to learn of any casino game. Many casino games have complex strategy charts, and many different thoughts on what’s best for the novice and the expert. Not so with red dog poker. If you haven’t yet, learn red dog strategy in no time at our Online Casino Golden Palace web site. The Online Casino Golden Palace Games Suite is fast and easy to install, and will serve to give you practically endless enjoyment, and free play on your favorite casino games, including red dog poker. You may also switch over to real money mode at any time while you’re playing, and set up a secure account where you’ll be able to enjoy all the thrills and excitement of the casino without leaving your home. Also, there is no more valuable tool for learning red dog strategy than playing along as you read the tutorials in this section of our Online Casino Golden Palace web site. All this information is here for you. It’s free, and it’s meant to give you the best understanding of this game, so you can enjoy your time at the red dog table, and feel like a red dog poker pro.

As you may know by now, Online Casino Golden Palace red dog poker is quite a simple game to learn. There are very few rules, and the betting options are so easy to learn. Red dog strategy is just the same as the rest of this fun casino card game. Since the idea is to bet on whether the third card dealt will fall between the first two, there is very little in the way of red dog strategy that you’ll need to learn in order to deal with each hand. To learn a bit more about how this game is played (if you haven’t already), please visit our Online Casino Golden Palace red dog rules page before continuing, then come back to this page to pick up the red dog strategy you’ll need to win big.

Now, as far as red dog strategy, it doesn’t get any simpler than this: If the spread is 7 or more, raise your bet. If you analyze the game a bit, you’ll see that when the spread reaches 7, this is also when your odds of winning are over 50%. With a spread of 7, your odds are 54%, in fact, and go up to 85% when the spread is 11. When you think about a deck of cards, you will see that this red dog strategy is really quite logical. With 13 cards per suit, and a spread of 7, there are 7 cards from each suit that will win the hand and 6 that will lose. It’s really as simple as that.

If you’re wondering about how this red dog strategy will pay off, here are the amounts you will win on a certain spread when you’re playing the game in our Casino Games Suite:

  • Any spread from 4 to 11 is paid at 1:1
  • A spread of 3 is paid at 2:1
  • A spread of 2 is paid at 4:1
  • A spread of 1 is paid at 5:1
  • The only higher-paying hand is when all three cards that are dealt have the same value (i.e. three 7’s). If this happens, you will win at 11:1! When you do get a hand where the first two cards that are dealt are the same, please note that there is no option to raise your bet.

So there you have it; all the red dog strategy you need. As with the rest of this game, it’s as simple a strategy as you can find. We hope you have found this page valuable in your search for red dog poker knowledge, and please remember to have a look at the articles that we have here that have been written with the red dog poker player in mind, by other red dog players. And feel free to download our Online Casino Golden Palace Games Suite, so that you can take advantage of our free games, and the opportunity to learn to play before you hit the casino!

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