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How to Play Keno at Online Casino Golden Palace

For many people, how to play online casino keno is a mystery; but this popular game couldn’t be easier to learn. If you want to learn about how to play keno, you’ve come to the right place. Online Casino Golden Palace is happy to give you all the help you’ll need to get playing in no time. We’ve also got a great keno game as part of our Online Casino Golden Palace games suite, and it’s free to play. All you have to do is click on the “Download Now” link and install the games on your computer. Once you know how to play keno using the free version, you’ll be ready to switch to real money mode at any time, because the free version is identical to the real money version. It’s very helpful to have the game installed and running while you go through these pages, so you can follow along and get a real feel for this popular online casino game.

When you first start a game of Online Casino Golden Palace keno, you will immediately be reminded of a lottery card. In fact the game used to be called Chinese Lottery. Learning how to play keno is just about as easy as figuring out how to fill in a lottery ticket, but in an online casino, there’s an endless supply of “cards” to play, and you can play for as long as you like. With our Online Casino Golden Palace games suite, you can play for free for as long as it takes you to feel comfortable playing, and then switch directly over to real money play without missing a beat. When you first open up our Online Casino Golden Palace game of keno, you’ll see a large board with the numbers 1 to 80 listed in order starting at the top left and ending at the bottom right, going row by row. You’ll also see a few buttons below the board that you may use to customize the game to your playing style. The button on the far left is used to select the amount you want to bet, and you can increase or decrease the amount by using the plus or minus buttons on either side of the money amount. The next button to the right is used to clear all the numbers you’ve picked; either after playing a card, or because you thought better of the sequence of numbers you chose and want to start over. If you just want to change one or a few of the numbers, you may “unselect” them by clicking on them a second time, thereby giving you the opportunity to pick a new number.

The other two buttons below the board give you the option of playing just one card for your chosen numbers, or to play 5 cards in a row without choosing new numbers. The basic premise behind online casino keno is very similar to Bingo. When you’re learning how to play keno, you first chose from 2 to 10 numbers from anywhere on the board by clicking on the number with your mouse. This is like having a bingo card with some sequence of numbers on it, and waiting to see if they come up when the big drum full of balls is spinning, only with keno, you choose the sequence of numbers. In Online Casino Golden Palace keno, there is also a big drum full of numbered balls which fall into a receptacle. A total of 20 balls are “drawn”, and if your choices match 5 or more of them, you’ve won! Of course, in our computer version of this game, there isn’t really a big drum full of balls; the 20 numbers are chosen using a random number generator, and are as random as you can get.

As you learn how to play keno using our Online Casino Golden Palace computer version of the game, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. As you select the numbers you want to use, the payout table will tell you what you’ll win when you get a particular number of “hits”. That’s when the number or numbers you selected are matched. Basically speaking, the more numbers you select, the higher the top payout is. If you pick 10 numbers, you can win 10,000 times your bet! The chances may be small, but that’s winning big!

We’re glad you could join us here at Online Casino Golden Palace, and are pleased to provide you with lots of information about how to play keno. We hope that you’ll decide to download and play the keno game that is included in our Online Casino Golden Palace games suite, and continue to browse this site, gathering knowledge and experience along the way. Don’t forget that there are many other pages with information on other aspects of the game of keno, as well as helpful articles we’ve gathered to give you the player’s perspective of this interesting game. If you take the time to click on the “Download Now” link and install the games on your computer, you’ll be learning how to play keno in no time. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll definitely feel comfortable switching over to real money play, and be on the road to big Online Casino Golden Palace winnings.

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