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80-Ball Bingo represents one of the newest and most exciting bingo variants, offering a quicker, snappier alternative to the 90-Ball game.

Read on to find out about playing this cool new title.

Bingo Bonuses

Bingo Room Sign up Bouns  Deposit Bonus  Ranking  Download
  William Hill Bingo  £25 Free  100%  
  Ruby Bingo  £16 Free  100%  
  888 Bingo  £5 free  100%  
  Party Bingo  $100  100%  
  Bet365 Bingo  £25 Free  100%  
  Maria Bingo  £100  100%  
  UniBet Bingo  £100  100%  
  Silk Bingo  £100  100%  
  jackpot city  £20 Free  100%  

Ticket Purchase

80-Ball Bingo tickets vary between Bingo rooms .Some tickets are made up of 4 by 4 grids comprising 16 squares. Each square represents a different number, which means that no less than 16 numbers are featured on every ticket. Other tickets may show 5 by 4 grids. You will also notice that each column is of a different colour, (blue, red, silver and yellow).

There is an option to buy a group of tickets all at once (known as a "strip"). Each strip shows numbers ranging between 1 and 80. Be sure to check how many strips you are allowed to purchase per game, as there is often a limit imposed.

Playing 80-Ball Bingo

Buy and Select

Enter the Bingo lobby to select determine your Bingo game and hall of choice. Do this by selecting either the bingo hall you desire or the tab with the specific game you want to play on it.

You can start playing instantly if a game is already in progress, or you can view the games schedule to buy tickets for subsequent rounds in advance. Purchase a ticket by hitting the games required and then secure your choice by hitting “Confirm”. Remember that you can also buy a cluster of tickets, in which case they will be selected by the computer on your behalf.

Getting Started

Start playing instantly using the “Play Now” button or view the timetable by selecting the games “Schedule” You will then be able to pre-buy tickets for the games that suit you.

How to Play

The game allows you to choose whether you wish to keep track of called numbers for yourself or use the daub function to tick off the numbers for you. Called numbers will appear as shaded squares on your ticket.

The automatic daub also frees you up to enjoy other services such as online chat, making this a great social opportunity. The computer will automatically announce the winner so there is no need to worry if you get distracted. You can also check out the other Bingo rooms available and tailor your game to your exact requirements, so that all in all, this an online bingo experience you will be hard pushed to beat!