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75-Ball bingo continues to be one of the best-loved online versions of Bingo with its stunning selection of patterns and fabulous cash prizes! Find out everything you need to know about this fantastic title by reading our user-friendly guide here.

Bingo Bonuses

Bingo Room Sign up Bouns  Deposit Bonus  Ranking  Download
  William Hill Bingo  £25 Free  100%  
  Ruby Bingo  £16 Free  100%  
  888 Bingo  £5 free  100%  
  Party Bingo  $100  100%  
  Bet365 Bingo  £25 Free  100%  
  Maria Bingo  £100  100%  
  UniBet Bingo  £100  100%  
  Silk Bingo  £100  100%  
  jackpot city  £20 Free  100%  

Ticket Purchase

75-Ball Bingo tickets are made up of a grid measuring 5 by 5 with a total 25 squares. Other than the middle “free” square with a star on it, each square represents a different number. As its name suggests, this bingo game has just 75 numbers rather than the 90 of the traditional game.

The pattern version of 75-ball Bingo asks you to complete the design displayed on the grid (see examples below) rather than simply filling up a ticket or a line, as in the traditional game. There are numerous possibilities on offer, sometimes nearly 500 unique pattern options, making this the most sought-after version.

What’s more, the game allows you to purchase a “strip” offering you the chance to lay your hands on a whole bunch of tickets in one go. The strip shows numbers between 1 and 75. Many rooms limit the number of strips available for purchase so be sure to check this before getting started.

Playing 75-Ball Bingo

Buy and Select

Enter the Bingo lobby and select your game or hall of choice. Hit the tab showing the Bingo game of your choice, or choose a Bingo Hall to start playing.

If the game is already in progress you can begin playing instantly. Otherwise, you can pre-buy tickets for rounds scheduled later on.

Click on the tickets you wish to purchase and hit “Confirm” to secure your choice. Keep your eyes peeled as you could be in for a chance to buy a whole batch of tickets in one go (in which case they will be chosen automatically).

Getting Started

Click “Play Now” to begin right away or select “Schedule” to view the games on offer at the selected bingo hall. You will then be able to pre-buy tickets for your game of choice.

How to Play

Playing 75-Ball Bingo couldn’t be simpler! You can either cross off numbers for yourself or allow the computer to do it for you using the automatic daub option, which will ensure that you don’t miss any of the numbers called. You are also free to socialize with other players in the Bingo chat room as you wait for the lucky winner to be announced!

What’s more, a host of additional features are on offer to make sure you get the very most out of your game. Players can personalize their experience according to taste and can even get involved with a wider Bingo playing community via the chat service. Why not take a look for yourself and see why everybody’s talking about 75-Ball Bingo today!